Error 0x8004010F on Laptops in an SBS 2008 Domain

There’s lots of chatter about error 0x8004010F in Outlook’s Sync Issues folder, and some very complex descriptions of why it occurs and how to resolve the problem. 


Our own environment, as well as many of our customers looks like this:


·         Small Business Server 2008

·         Single Domain SSL Certificate ($19.95 RapidSSL from Enom)

·         Client Laptops running Vista Business SP1 and Outlook 2007 SP1

·         A record configured in the Internet DNS Zone file for pointing to the IP address of the SBS

·         SRV record configured in the Internet DNS Zone file for _autodiscover._tcp pointing to


Even though Outlook 2007 was updated to use SRV records for mailbox synchronization via Outlook Anywhere (thus, allowing you to use a $19.95 SSL certificate instead of the more expensive, multi-domain ones) it was still having a problem using the SRV record for the Offline Address Book (OAB) because that was still looking for in order to sync.


If we followed the recommended solution and put a HOST A record for in the Internet DNS Zone File then we would have gotten a certificate mis-match error from the OAB sync since our SSL certificate was for  It seemed as though we were in a catch-22.


The situation was further complicated because for many of our clients, their home Internet connection was blazingly fast.  We decided to adjust the Outlook Anywhere settings to use HTTP on fast connections in addition to the default setting of using HTTP on slow connections instead of modifying the threshold (which wouldn’t have provided a consistent user experience).


This created a slew of 0x8004010F OAB sync errors every day.


The solution was fairly simple.  I just added a line in the laptop’s HOST file as follows:




(using the SBS’s external IP)


The OAB sync errors stopped!  Problem solved!