Just another example of how Enterprise folks don’t "get it"

Today on Experts-Exchange.com someone posted the question:  How to configure your own Secure Certificate for Small Business Server 2003?

He was offered a very straighforward and correct answer by NeilParbrook who told him to first make sure he had a HOST (A) record configured in the domain’s public DNS zone, and then just run the CEICW which will configure the certificate.

The person who asked the question responded that he believed it was much more complex than just running the CEICW, and then linked a few articles which supported his belief.  I took a look at the first one, and was immediately aware of why this guy was so confused.  Here’s what he saw at www.msexchange.org:


Anyone who’s ever set up an SBS knows that you don’t even need to install the CA for a self-signed certificate.  It’s created by the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW) and is also installed in IIS on the sites that need it.  The official overview of what the CEICW does and how you use it can be found at http://sbsurl.com/msicw and a visual how-to is at http://sbsurl.com/ceicw.

If you wanted to install a 3rd Party certificate instead, you would install the CA, but the process is still different on SBS.  Instructions for that can be found at http://sbsurl.com/ssl

For anyone who hasn’t ever deployed an SBS be sure to check out http://sbsurl.com/testdrive to experience it first-hand.