SBS is Different, Part 2

I can’t tell you how many SBS Consultants or Admins I talk to regarding their SBS issues begin the conversation with … "The strangest thing…" or "This is really weird…".  You know what?  These things are hardly ever strange or weird when it’s apparent that the server has been misdeployed, misconfigured, or mismanaged.

Unlike many other Topic Areas, if there is an SBS anywhere in the realm of the problem, it’s generally an SBS issue. The reason for this is due to SBS’s centralized role in its network, and the general misunderstanding of most experts as to the nature of SBS and its unique requirements.

What I generally find, when I go to a site with SBS installed already, are a string of configuration settings that would not only be wrong for an SBS environment, and unfortunately they have often caused damage to the server or network that is only correctable by doing a complete reinstallation.

The nature of SBS is such that it’s an integrated platform which contains components that would never be combined in a normal environment. The fact that it looks like a normal server, feels like a normal server and even acts like a normal server makes it all the more difficult to get the point across to folks that it’s NOT a normal server. Most often, someone with a tremendous amount of Server 2003 experience will offer up their assistance and then deploy an SBS in a way that would be just fine for a Standard Server.  They make mistakes such as creating new Organizational Units in order to link a new Group Policy. If they are unaware that you cannot create OU’s outside of the standard SBS Active Directory structure, then they will end up breaking the server’s tools and possibly the entire AD. Most often, these seasoned experts have never installed an SBS, or even seen one operate.

So, please make sure your SBS is installed by someone who is familiar with SBS, or at least is willing to read and follow the manual.  If you want to get your hands on a good book to assist in deploying your SBS check out the list I’ve put together here:  SBS Book List