Do you think like an SBSer?


A while back, I was responding to a question on from someone who was struggling with the Connectcomputer wizard.  At some point, he said to me, "my background is from an enterprise-level Windows 2000/2003 environment.  SBS was not even given a sentence in all of the Microsoft books I have read."

So, I thought I’d post my response to him, which I feel sums up quite well why you have to think like an SBSer:

You must have read the wrong Microsoft books.  🙂 

Actually there is a reason for that… the two don’t mix.  An enterprise level IT professional would never really have the need for SBS in their normal work environment.  Where the problems occur is when a person such as that decides to do a little work on the side.  Which is why Microsoft has now created the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation (with exam 70-282 to go along with it).  Any time I hear someone tout their MCSE credentials as being qualified to deploy a Small Business Server, I have to kindof chuckle… no offense to the great effort of achieving an MCSE, but it’s like a college professor thinking that they are qualified to be a kindergarten teacher.

(Now I know I’ll catch hell for that comparison… but let me say that the kindergarten teachers are far more important in this world than college professors… because without them providing the inspiration for students to endure 12 years of education, the professors would be left with empty classrooms).

So, if you look back at my analogy… let’s actually assume that they are equally important in their respective roles.  Both are instructors, yet neither is really suited for the other’s job.  

If you are trained as an enterprise  network administrator, then your reality is one in which the cost of resources is spread amongst so many things that a few thousand dollars seems negligible.  If you are going to work with small businesses, you have to think like a small business and act like a small business… and a few thousand dollars is a whole lot of money…. in fact if it’s a new start-up business the few thousand dollars could mean the difference between being successful or not.

Get your hands on these two books… they will help you immensely:

Then, start thinking like an SBSer!